MSU Insurance Plan Consultations

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Ready to retire from the University?

Are you a new or current employee with MSU?

Do you have questions about your prescription benefit?

This is the service for you!!

We pride ourselves in being the go to pharmacy for the MSU population. Part of that relationship now includes one on one insurance consultations for MSU faculty, staff and retirees.

Navigating insurance and what prescriptions will cost can be a long and painful process. The MSU Health Care Pharmacy wants to take on that process for you. We have access to all the MSU insurance plan formularies and can customize the information to your specific medication list.

If you are a new or existing employee, we can go over your medication list and outline your out of pocket expense. This helps with budget planning and deciding how much to add to a flexible spending account.

If you are ready to retire, we can help bridge the gap between your current pharmacy benefit and the retiree prescription plan. We can look at each prescription you currently take and go over any changes you will have.

At this time, we are only able to do these consultations with MSU staff, faculty and retirees.

What can I expect?

  • All consultations are held over the phone or in person based on your preference.
  • Each appointment can last from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your needs.
  • You will speak one on one with a certified, licensed pharmacy technician that will answer any and all questions you have.
  • You can also inquire about our other pharmacy services.
  • You can establish an open line of communication with the pharmacy that will continue past your appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

You can book your appointment by calling the pharmacy at 517.353.3500 or click the "schedule here" button below