Travel Medications FAQ

Q: What is a vaction override / travel supply?

A: A vacation override or travel supply is a request to have a prescription filled early or for more than a thirty (30) or ninety (90) day supply. This request is usually made when the patient will not have enough medication while they are traveling.

Q: Who is eligible for an override?

A: Any patient can request a vacation/travel supply.

Q: What information is needed to process a vacation override / travel suppy?

A: Patient should fill out the "Prescription Override Worksheet" available from the pharmacy. (downloadable PDF available below) The patient should make sure they know how much medication will be needed to have a sufficient supply of medication while gone.

Q: How many months can be requested?

A:Most insurance benefits allow for an unlimited number of months up to 1 year. MSU Caremark allows 2 vacation overrides per patient per year. If the patient needs more than an available 3 months supply, they should reach out to the insurance to request the desired supply needed. The pharmacy staff can assist the patient in determining if a call to the insurance is needed.

Q: How long does it take to process the override?

A: The pharmacy asks for 5 business days to complete all overrides.

Q: When should I put in my request?

A: It is recommended to start the override process 2 weeks before your departure. This ensures the patient is not leaving for vacation without the medications they need.

Q: How do I know when my override request has been completed?

A: The pharmacy has several methods to contact patients when prescriptions are ready. Auto text messages, auto phone calls and emails can be sent to the patient when all prescriptions are ready. If the patient is enrolled in our “SyncRx” program, they will receive a personal phone call from one of our pharmacist.

Q: Are there any exclusions that may apply?

A: There are some exclusions that may apply. Some insurance carriers may not allow for more than the standard refill amount. Some insurances require their patients to transfer prescriptions to the area they are traveling. There are also medications that may not be eligible for early refill. Controlled substances and other insurance defined “non-essential” medications may not be available for early refill or vacation supply amounts. The pharmacy staff can assist patients in determining if any of these exclusions apply.